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I&V Bio – an innovative hatchery supplier offering products and services which are unparalleled in the aquaculture industry.


• I&V Bio was  founded in 2012 by  Luc Van Nieuwenhove and Frank Indigne, a team with more than 20 years of expertise in aquaculture.


INSTART 1 (Instant Artemia), Luc’s most recent scientific advancement, is a cutting edge product consisting of contamination free and cyst free live Artemia nauplii which are packed in 800 gr. trays as a dry paste and delivered to hatcheries daily.


INSTART 1 enables hatcheries to operate more efficiently through our deliveries of the precise daily requirement of live Artemia nauplii.


I&V Bio started with a first concept facility in Chonburi (Thailand ) and invested later on in a much bigger high tech facility in Phang Nga ( Phuket , Thailand ).


I&V Bio has partnered with Burapha University, one of Thailand’s largest public universities, who receive regular samples of INSTART 1 to verify that is vibrio free.


I&V Bio made joint ventures in Vietnam and India which which will be in full production in 2015.


• It is our goal to become a full-range hatchery product supplier with daily deliveries and services which cater to hatcheries in Thailand as well as to hatcheries around the globe.

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