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I&V-BIO and KYTOS Partnership : Making microbiome management in aquaculture accessible.

I&V Bio group – KYTOS deal makes microbiome management in aquaculture accessible.  Today marks an important milestone for KYTOS and I&V-BIO. The partnership brings this new technology closer than ever to farming communities.I&V-BIO is continuously looking for better solutions for hatcheries and farmers, The Kytos collaboration will benefit our customers to better understand the reasons for clean and…

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Aqua expo Guayaquil 2020

On November 24-26 I&V-BIO Ecuador and CODEMET set up a booth at Aqua Expo Guayaquil, Centro de Convenciones. On every tradeshow there is a display of Fresh, Vibrio free products! Thank you to all the visitors and customers.

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Shrimp insights. Artemia out of the box.

After several months of hard work, you are about to read the first publication of the Shrimp Insights Report Series, aimed at providing you with a deeper understanding of the shrimp industry. These reports are being made accessible for a broad audience – everyone benefits from more transparency in the industry – they can be downloaded for free at…

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