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Our Story

Since the early beginning of shrimp aquaculture, 
Artemia has been recognized as a good nutritional feed for small shrimp and fish larvae. The fact that the Artemia cysts could be dried and stored for a long time made it convenient for the aquaculture sector in general. Ever since the early 1980s, the industrial fish and shrimp hatcheries have been buying and using Artemia cysts in the same way. The Artemia cyst suppliers offer dry cysts in a can, but the shrimp hatchery actually wants Artemia Nauplii to feed to their shrimp.

When our team started this project to supply hatcheries daily with
Instar 1 Artemia Nauplii, they worked on the premise that hatching Artemia is a challenging task for fish and shrimp hatcheries. 

In 2012 I&V-BIO first started out with the concept in a hatchery in Thailand. 
Since then, I&V-BIO expanded with operational centers in Asia: Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and 
Latin America: Ecuador. Presently our company also has collaborations and operating units in Saudi-Arabia and China.

All production facilities are serving hatcheries, nursery and Grow out with Pure Artemia Nauplii, on a daily basis.

I&V Bio was founded in 2012 by
Frank Indigne and Luk Van Nieuwenhove,
a team with more than 30 years of expertise in aquaculture.

I&V-BIO Timeline


I&V-BIO developed a patented separation technology which combined with specific hatching and quality protocols ensure the production of Artemia nauplii on an industrial scale. Separation technology, disinfection and packaging are equally important to produce consistent quantity and quality. Customized programs in combination with trained staff guarantee on-time daily deliveries,
 365 days per year.

Our Goal

The goal of I&V-BIO is to be the preferred supplier of fresh speciality feeds, diets and health products. We want to be present in all main shrimp and fish markets world-wide through the establishment of local facilities with local partners.

1st Artemia Nauplii Center


Phang-Nga, Thailand.

The team behind the product (Under construction)

Frank Indigne

CEO and Co-owner I&V-BIO Group

Luk Van Nieuwenhove

COO and Co-owner I&V-BIO Group

Chris Trogh

Director I&V-BIO Asia

Kavitha Reddy Yarabolu

Partner India and Madam Chairman

Siddhartha Reddy Yarabolu

Partner India

Fernando Idrovo

President of CODEMET

José Carlos Peré

Vicepresident of CODEMET

José Peré Idrovo

Executive Director I&V-BIO Ecuador

Arthitaya Umthong

Managing director I&V-BIO Thailand

Manchusa Ritchum
(K. Ple)

Internal communication & HRM TH

Rudi Bijnens

Global Marketing and Sales Director

M. Nadjib

General manager Indonesia

Do Dang Hai

General manager Vietnam

Narayan Chandra Nath

General Manager Bangladesh

Srinidhi Lokesh

General manager India

Montri Bunchan

Internal financial auditor

Francisco Norero

Production manager Ecuador

Ibnu Kholdun

General affairs manager Indonesia


Production manager Indonesia

Willy Van De Velde

General engineer


Sales manager Indonesia

Steven Lanckmans

Webmaster & External communication

Ibnu Sitta

Finance manager Indonesia

Janthida M.

Sales manager Thailand

K. Pat

Group Internal operations auditor

Nongnut Jakra
K. Beer

Quality systems manager

Preecha Chotiya

Production manager Thailand

Ladda Chotiya

HR manager Phang Nga

Settham Hnunsup
(K. Nack)

Production manager Nonthaburi

Namoy K.

Sales Thailand

Kishore Kumar

Sales and Production India

Arif Masykur

Sales Indonesia

Anay Sotomayor

Sales Ecuador

Julien Nahoum

Production engineer

Hasbi Setiawan

Sales Indonesia

Khun Aom

Sales Thailand

Uus Sofyan

Technical support Indonesia

Oscar Posada

Biologist Ecuador

Paolo Perez

Sales Ecuador


Sales Indonesia

K. June

Quality control Nonthaburi

Patricia Tigrero

Sales Ecuador


Production manager Indonesia Situbondo

Phan Hoang Nhan

Sales Vietnam

Ngo Hoang Phuong

Area Sales Manager Vietnam

Phan Thi Nhat Tan

Sales Manager Vietnam

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