Patented technology gives undamaged,
Live fresh nauplii
in a paste that provides
maximum nutrition.
Free from cysts and
 other impurities.

Vibrio free

Guaranteed by using
in-house technologies and protocols

Daily vibrio tests are performed on all batches. 

Contamination free

Our facilities all have their own water treatment.

Automatic UF filtration eliminates virus spores.

Ozone sterilization 

Daily deliveries

Our sales guarantee a timely and daily delivery in cooled boxes. 

We service our customers

365 days per year


Excellent survivial

Live artemia Nauplii,
keep fresh between
0ºC and 4ºC,
up to 48 hours.


      • Work-load
      • Utility cost
      • Planning
      • Quality control


Our strict protocols,
well trained staff, and real-time cloud systems ensure certified quality.


I&V-BIO is HACCP, GMP and Group quality certified

Quality Control

  • Real time PCR analysis for EHP and AHPND
  • Analysis for viruses like WSSV, YHV, IHHNV, TSV, IMNV and SHIV/DIV1
  • Vibrio testing for green and yellow colonies


Our consistent Nauplii per gram sets a new standard in the shrimp industry.
Packed in 800g pure
live paste per tray, 
results in an accurate calculation regime

to use

Our products are used directly from the tray into the tank

As simple as that…

At I&V-BIO quality assurance and protocols guarantee CONSISTENCY in our products and services.

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