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Live Artemia Nauplii

Artemia products that are unique in the market. Patented technology gives undamaged, Live fresh nauplii in a paste that provides maximum nutrition. All our products are completely Vibrio free, shell free and have no impurities. Easy to use from the tray.

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INSTART 1 is recognized for its pure Instar1 Artemia nauplii.
No impurities, no damaged animals, no vibrio.

Offered in a consistent live-paste 800g per tray
(approx. 60 million Nauplii) 
setting a new standard in the shrimp industry which helps in calculating feeding regimes.

The Artemia nauplii are ready to use, simply from the tray directly into the shrimp tank.

INSTART 1 enables the hatcheries to follow strict biosecurity protocols relieving them of the burden of hatching Artemia cysts in often sub-optimal conditions.

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Instart Energy Title





To further strengthen the health of shrimp PL, I&V-BIO also offers:
INSTART Energy,(Enriched Artemia nauplii) in a consistent live-paste, (800g per tray) available to hatcheries, nurseries and grow-out.

The Artemia nauplii are ready to use, simply from the tray directly into the shrimp tank.

INSTART Energy is produced with enrichments like:

  • High quality DHA emulsion.
  • Spirulina: Algal extracts high in amino acids and carotenoids.
  • A blend of herb extracts, proven for its powerful anti-Vibrio effect and its prebiotic properties.
  • Selenium yeast
  • Vitamin C
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M-Bryo Title-1

Fresh Decapsulated Artemia cysts

Naturally balanced perfect nutrition, provided Fresh, pure and vibrio free!

MBRYO is designed by I&V-BIO.

  • (No-leaching) : A complete intact outer membrane makes sure your tanks stay clean.
  • Delivered as (non-dried), Fresh Decapsulated Artemia.
  • Coated with plant extract (protects shrimp from the inside).
  • M-Bryo is ready to use, simply from the tray directly into the shrimp tank.
  • M-Bryo is produced without the use of hypochlorite.

Full Range Diets

Full range diets ranging from Zoea to PL500 (10-500 μm)

BIO Z: Zoea
(Size: 10-50μm)
net wt. 625g

BIO M:Mysis
(Size: 50-100μm)
net wt. 625g

BIO PL 150
net wt. 1,250g

BIO PL 300
net wt. 1,250g

BIO PL 500
net wt. 1,250g

Water Treatment

Protect your animals

Natural water conditioner for Nursery and Grow-out

Disinfection and protection.

SHIELD is suitable for Nursery and Grow-out.

  • Powerful Herbal extract
  • Disinfectant
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Vibrio-Supressing
  • Immuno-stimulant
  • Natural color shading
Can be used as a coating for Grow-out feed to suppress vibrio and stimulate animal immune system.